Individual tutoring in my home:
reading, dyslexia, ESL, handwriting.

Marion Magarick, MA

Reading Tutor (Alphabetic Phonics)
Ages 5 – Adult • Specializing in Grade PK – 3

Central Austin Location               By Appointment: 512-371-1909

Does your child have these difficulties in school? *

  • difficulty learning the sounds that go with letters; belabored reading of words in isolation or in context
  • difficulty recalling words or names that are known (word retrieval problems)
  • pronouncing sounds or syllables incorrectly (“bhashetti” for spaghetti, or “aminal” for animal)
  • difficulty spelling and/or forming letters
  • difficulty managing sentence structure, word choice, and organization in writing
  • difficulty organizing in space and time
* Straight Talk About Reading; Susan L. Hall and Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D.; Contemporary Books, Chicago, 1999.

These are possible symptoms of dyslexia and I can help!

I do not need a diagnosis of dyslexia to tutor a child. Children struggle with reading for a variety of reasons. Structured reading instruction in a relaxing setting can help many children’s reading improve.